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Here at OneTwoTreez we emphasize on building an amazing team who takes initiative in any role they play, which results in high quality work. Good work ethics on our team will ensure not only outstanding product to customer’s doorsteps but more importantly, high end customer service. This has become the main focus of our brand as we believe the customers always come first.

With that being said, we always quality check all of our products by hand to ensure that we provide the freshest piece of product to customers doorsteps. On top of product quality, we ensure we get our products strictly from beautiful British Columbia as we have connections to many quality local growers. Most of our growers are private. However, their quality speaks for themselves.

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Reach out to us! We can be reached via Instagram, Discord and Email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Earn a 12.3% off coupon by referring your friends!

How does it work?

Person A (you) refers Person B (friend) by providing your link found HERE.

Person B makes a purchase (min. $100 purchase).

Person A AND Person B then receives a code for 12.3% off to use on future orders.


* Minimum purchase must be met after any coupons or shipping is applied. 

** Some exclusions may apply. Generally Bulk, Sales and Mix and Match items are excluded from sales unless stated otherwise. Coupon does not stack with other coupons or on-going sales.

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Green Points

Green Points can be earned through various actions on the site, as well as offsite. Earn 20 Green Points for each review you leave our website on products that you’ve purchase. Earn an addition 200 Green Points for each Review you write on channels like Reddit and Instagram!

For more information, follow this link!

Update: As of 1/3/2022 16:00 EST we will no longer be offering incentives for Reddit/Instagram reviews. We still encourage our community to write these reviews. Please stay tuned for future updates. 

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